Our network includes a number of partner retailers who are authorised to sell CaniGPS GPS. Don't hesitate to contact them for advice if you're looking for a GPS collar. You can meet them in their shops, stands and online.

We're always looking for new partners! You can contact us here.

Cani'Compet Alsace

Cani'Compet Alsace is a canicross club affiliated to the FFSLC federation in Alsace.

Location: Alsace - Bas-Rhin.

Website : Cani'Compet Alsace

Education K'nine

Education K'nine offers a range of services to help educate your dog: group lessons on enclosed land, educational walks, sporting activities.

Location: Alsace - Bas-Rhin in the Ingwiller area.

Website : https://educationknine.fr/

French Canicross Championship 2024

The 2024 French Canicross/MTT Championships took place from 8 to 10 March in the Bordeaux region 🤩 Several hundred participants were present and even more visitors, making this the biggest canicross event in France.

We would like to thank them for accepting us as a partner alongside emblematic partners such as Décathlon.

CaniGPS - Partenaire des CdF de canicross 2024

Pole canin bordeaux

Pole canin bordeaux offers assistance and support in training your dog. Pole canin also has a stand at events throughout the year.

Location: Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the Bordeaux area.

Website : https://polecanin.fr/

Online shop: https://polecanin.fr/boutique/